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Cranial sacral/undwinding
Shamanic Reiki


Lower Back Pain release 
Breast health
Rotator cuff/ shoulder pain
Neck release 
Carpel tunnel/thoracic outlet release 
Trigger point
Elder touch
Sports massage

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What clients say . . .

Renee has been my holistic practitioner for over a year now and I am here to say she is a gifted and talented woman. She is the real deal in the holistic realm of care. I followed Renee from her time with my Family Practice office to her transition to own in home practice. I will follow her to the ends of the world if necessary. Renee has given me hope and understand of my personal situation, connecting the dots of physical pain and my experienced trauma. She is intuitive, thoughtful, invested, caring, honest, and so easy to like. From the moment I met her she welcomed me with a calming presence and warm smile. She quickly made me feel comfortable and safe in my situation. I have fibromyalgia, neuropathy and arthritis. My body is constantly in pain and my hope of a full and healthy life was nonexistent. Now 13 months into my journey with Renee as my bi-weekly practitioner I can honestly say I am 180 degrees from the broken painful person I was. I have weeks without pain, I have reduced, nearly eliminated my prescription medications and I can engage and be present with my family without the looming fatigue and brain fog that used to be my everyday. Finding Renee has been life changing for me and I am a client for life. 

—Megan K


What clients say . . .

I have had the wonderful opportunity of being one of Renea’s clients for the past 3-4 years. She is incredibly knowledgeable of the benefits of massage therapy. She takes the holistic approach. I have been healed physically, emotionally, and mentally. You will love the positive energy she has. I like that she does this out of her home where you feel comfortable and welcomed. The other benefit is that you can pay with your HSA card.

— Kathleen

Renae is an incredible healer. It is an extremely painful journey but I am feeling the results with 2 treatments. She is saving my life giving me back love. vibrations and more.
— Alice

Renae Valdes is a naturally gifted Indigenous healer. She has not only taken away tremendous pain, she restored my loss of vision, and is helping me balance my mind/body/soul so I can get back up and stay on my feet again. She is genuinely committed to getting to the root of what it takes to heal a variety of health issues. Though treatments may be painful, it is the good kind of pain that will make you well again. I give her my highest recommendation as a healer you can trust. Her treatments will undoubtedly change your life more than you can ever imagine.

Renae Valdes-Seago,
Transforms Lives with the Healing Power of Touch

Published courtesy of SWIHA, Fall catalog 2022

“Before SWIHA I had the privilege and blessing of being a full-time wife and mom of four amazing children. We owned a mortgage company that my husband ran.My husband of 15 years passed away unexpectedly after a 25+ year struggle with chronic pain which led to opioid addiction. This rocked our world and my children and I lost everything. The depths and darkness of addiction ran deep and his passing uncovered a painful spiral of a brilliant man. ” said Renae Valdes-Seago. She continues. “I found myself lost, under-educated, under-employed and urgently needing to figure out how to provide for my family. I didn’t find SWIHA, my angel grandmother led me to this institution for my own healing and to rediscover the gifts I was born with. I felt guided to choose medical massage because of the world I existed in loving a man who hurt constantly and search tirelessly for respite from pain.”
Great Graduate Renae Valdes-Seago, of the 750 hr. Massage program, turned something that was painful in her life into something good. With what Renae and her family went through after the passing of her husband, she used her personal experience to help heal others who are in pain. Within her program, Renae chose to specialize in Medical Massage, which fits perfectly with her mission to help those searching for “respite from pain’. Renae asserts, ”My soul was touched many time while on my journey at SWIHA. However, it was Suzie McLaughlin who truly gave me my ‘Ah-ha’ experience. She spoke to my soul when she taught me the mind/body/spirit connection and the subtle signs within the body that speaks without words.” Renae proclaims, “All the answers we seek are already within – just listen. SWIHA taught me to trust what feels right and have the courage to follow it.”

What clients say

If you’re looking for the best massage therapist in The Valley, Renae is your woman. I have gone to countless therapist throughout the years from corporate chains to independent business owners. Although, I’ve had some good massages, none were ever great and none ever fully relieved my issues. My first appointment with Renae she was warm and inviting and I immediately felt comfortable. She has such a great and inviting space that you instantly feel at home and relaxed. She consults with you and listens to your exact concerns and problem areas. I have severe neck and upper back issues/tightness due to sitting at a computer everyday for work. I have had massages that temporarily relieve the issue but maybe for a day. Renae’s massages and the positive results last for weeks. She uses the perfect amount of pressure and many techniques I’ve never had done with any massage. She seriously is a life changer and I whole heartedly mean that. I would like to add that I have never in my life had a face massage to the extent that she provides. Holy Heaven!! Seriously, euphoria! She has helped to make my quality of life so much better from the work of her hands and perfecting her craft. She has a lifetime customer with me.

Your healing begins when you are ready to release what is blocking your wellness. I believe I can help you make your journey to recovery a reality.

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