What clients say . . .



If you’re looking for the best massage therapist in The Valley, Renae is your woman. I have gone to countless therapist throughout the years from corporate chains to independent business owners. Although, I’ve had some good massages, none were ever great and none ever fully relieved my issues. My first appointment with Renae she was warm and inviting and I immediately felt comfortable. She has such a great and inviting space that you instantly feel at home and relaxed. She consults with you and listens to your exact concerns and problem areas. I have severe neck and upper back issues/tightness due to sitting at a computer everyday for work. I have had massages that temporarily relieve the issue but maybe for a day. Renae’s massages and the positive results last for weeks. She uses the perfect amount of pressure and many techniques I’ve never had done with any massage. She seriously is a life changer and I whole heartedly mean that. I would like to add that I have never in my life had a face massage to the extent that she provides. Holy Heaven!! Seriously, euphoria! She has helped to make my quality of life so much better from the work of her hands and perfecting her craft. She has a lifetime customer with me.



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